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April Skin Fixing eye shield

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Fixing Eye makeup
April Skin
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April Skin Fixing eye shield 8ml

A Drop For Perfect Eye Makeup

Product Feature

  • Multi eye fixer
    A few drop will fix eye makeup including eye shadows, mascara and brows.
  • Longer lasting with film coat
    Film coat complex will fix eye makeup and allow longer lasting effect.
  • Hydration for healthier eyes
    Formulated with natural ingredients such as acorus calamus root extract extract, lime extract and soybean seed extract to nourish and provide hydration to skin and eyelash.


  1. Whose eye makeup is all smudged by afternoon
  2. Who is looking for less dry eye fixer
  3. Who needs makeup fixer for longer lasting eyemakeup
  4. Who needs multi fixer for every eye makeups
  5. Who needs noon-irritant eye makeup fixer

How to use

TIP : Cautions are need when applying on eyeliner, eyelash and eyeshadow.

  • Eyeliner Fixing : Apply once eyeliner is completely dried
  • Eyelash Curling Fixing : Apply once mascara is completely dried after curler
  • Eyebrow Fixing : Gently press to apply after drawing eyebrow
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