innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Soap

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innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Soap 100g

A cleansing soap that cleanses the waste materials in the pores of Jeju volcanic rocks and makes them clean [Built-in bubble maker]

Effective daily care for oily skin that shines all day.

Rejuvenating feeling for oily skin.

  • A cleansing cleanser for customers who desire a brilliant finish for oily, oily skin.

Deep cleansing effect of rich and dense foam.

  • Firmly made dense foam pores fill up the pores, keratin and clean the noble products clean and smooth.

Use a volcanic ash pore soap to clean between the pores.

  • Use the built-in bubble maker to bubble richly and bubble for 20 seconds in areas with severe shine.
    Afterwards, rub thoroughly as massage and let it run with lukewarm water.

Raw material with strong sebum adsorption power.

  • The volcanic clusters of the porous structure are powerful raw materials for pore care because they have strong adsorption ability of waste.

An amazing volcanic rock that can be encountered only in Jeju Island.

  • It is a striking ingredient that is made of hardened lava when the volcano is blown in Jeju Island. It is a remarkable raw material with strong sebum and ability to absorb wastes.