innisfree The Green Tea Seed Deep Cream

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innisfree The Green Tea Seed Deep Cream 50ml

Jeju pesticide Green tea water and seed oil is a powerful water-based cream that fills moisture and nutrition.

Jeju pesticide is a powerful moisturizing cream that replenishes the moisture and nutrition of the green tea seeds and seed oil.

  • The seed oil that acts as a moisture lock membrane and the number of raw green tea that fills the skin with dense moisture is dry, and it is moist and high moisturizing and nutrition skin completion

Squeeze the raw green tea! Green tea energy to deliver deep moisturizing and nutritious.

  • It helps in the moisturizing and moisturizing care that the rich mineral and amino acid of the raw green tea squeezed from the green tea leaves harvested in Jeju seem to be watery.

Dual Moisturizing of raw green tea and seed oil.

  • Green tea seed oil, which delivers deep moisturization to dry skin, forms a dense moisturizing membrane and a dense moisture-tightening membrane without getting out.

EGCG green tea with strong antioxidant effect.

  • A mild, creamy formula that softens and smoothes when applied to the skin. It protects the skin with a strong nutrient and moisture barrier for rough skin due to cold and dryness, and adds moisture to the green tea EGCG.

I grew up in Jeju, which is the optimal green tea growing environment.

  • The rich amino acids and minerals of green tea seeds and the number of non-chemical green tea grown in Jeju's water and land bring moisture to the skin's edge.

The strength of the green tee that flows like water droplets.

  • The energy of jeju green tea grown strictly in a clean environment demonstrates the power and efficacy of the green tee.