CLIO Kill Cover Conceal Cushion

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CLIO Kill Cover Conceal Cushion 13g (+ Refil 13g)

Concealer and moisturizing ampoule into cushion
Finish covering and moisturizing at once

If the cover is covered with a different "end cover"

  • Concealer and moisturizing ampoule cushioning, complete coverage and moisturizing!
    Apply high coverage pigment used in concealer to foundation to create perfect skin without flaws

Completed with a 60% moisture serum, "End Moisture"

  • The rich moisturizing energy of the Belgian spa water minimizes the loss of moisture and damage to the skin barrier resulting in a moist and resilient healthy skin. The moisturizing pentavitin ampoule combines like a skin and a magnet and lasts for a long time.

"Ending lasting"

  • The butter fitting system captures the makeup, and the optional sebum absorbing powder and porous spherical powder adsorb the sweat and sebum to maintain a clean skin expression for a long time without darkening.


  • It is a cushion type product that borrows the concealer mechanism and has very high coverage.
  • You can cover the entire face with only a small amount.
  • Due to the nature of the formulation, it is possible that the contents may spill out onto the surface of the sponge prior to opening.

More dense pouch cushion to produce even skin coverage!
Double Pouch Cushion

  • A single cushion sponge is not a type that moistens the contents, but the concealer contents are put between the sponge-like sponges, and the cover effect is high!

Double pouch cushion vs normal cushion

The secret of moisture is revealed to the public!

  • Belgium Spa Water : Rich moisturizing energy prevents water loss and moist and elastic skin
  • Cocoa, shea butter : Keep active ingredients and pigments moist and keep moist skin long and long

Real Test

  • "Skin is thinly adhered to, smooth and well-polished perfect cover skin expression!"

Continuity test

  • "Absorbed sweat and sebum, makeup is caught, and finished long and lasting clean cover!"