the SAEM Eco Soul Essence Cushion Aqua Max

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the SAEM Eco Soul Essence Cushion Aqua Max 15g


Moist and bright all day! Vivid and clear water spectral skin.

SPF 50+ PA +++
[Wrinkle improvement + whitening + UV protection] 3 functional cosmetics


  • Bulgarian da masks rose flowers 32%.
  • Essential Dutch Aloe moisturizer.
  • Clear water spectra of full moisture.
  • Moisture-filled touch.
  • Two neutral tones with no color bias.
  • Strong sun protection. (SPF 50+, PA +++)
  • Thin, light feeling, natural cover.
  • Skin irritation test completed.

Beautiful #Rose cushion

  • Roses in Rose, Bulgarian Da Mask Rose Foliage 29% The more you tap, the more moist and smooth, the vivid and radiant skin. Feel like a silky rose!

Good for your skin #Cushion

  • With the good ingredients, make frequent correction Make your skin comfortable by completing skin irritation tests so that your skin does not become tired!

Impatient #Moisturizing cushion

  • Delicious aloe essence with one drop per second.
    Moisturizes skin with a dense moisturizing effect for a moist and comfortable skin-care effect.

Full of water #Mist cushion

  • Optimized glow-keeper system effectively disperses moisturizing and oil.
    Maximize the richness of the moment you touch.

Clear and bright #Neutral cushion

  • Cooltone? Warmton? Stop wandering color depending on your skin tone! Neutral tone color that will give anybody a light skin tone.

Safe block #Shield cushion

  • SPF 50+, PA ++++ UV protection functional cushion UVB as well as UVA, do not worry.

Essence cushion! Please choose according to skin type, skin expression!