April Skin Eye Doll Brush Pen Liner

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April Skin Eye Doll Brush Pen Liner 0.5g

Create the dramatic looks that range from soft to glamorous!!

Rich in polymers allows liner to stay smudge-proof all day!


1. Locks Eyeliner!

  • Key ingredient Acrylates copolymer instantly locks eyeliner by creating a thin coat and allows eyeliner to last long.
  • Sweatproof makes eyeliner to last-long smudge-free!

2. Delicate Brush

  • Thin and delicate brush allows precise application for perfect wing tip.

3. Irritation-free

  • Five vegetable extract ingredients protect skin around eyes from irritation.


How to us

  1. Apply on dry skin (use powder or eyeshadow to remove any oiliness)
  2. Shake brush pen liner 2-3 times with lid closed.
  3. Glide from inner to outer corner of eyes along th lash line.