ETUDE Color My Brows 4.5g

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ETUDE Color My Brows 4.5g

A curling mascara for eyebrows that expresses eyebrows in a sophisticated, three-dimensional eyebrow by applying natural colors to eyebrows.

Charcoal soot coloring eyebrows.

  • Hair color and unfavorable eyebrow NG!
    The natural color is gently applied, and the black and dark original eyebrows are hidden to complete a sophisticated and innocent impression.

Expressing delicate eyebrows without cluttering.

  • Soft Soft Hold Gel type with no stickiness. It keeps the eyebrows alive without any lumps and fixes them for a long time.

Glossy and healthy eyebrow care.

  • Allantoin, beeswax, and carnauba wax impart moisture and shine to the skin and eyebrows for better health



  • For dark hair in black and dark brown color.
    The charcoal soot naturally tones up your eyebrows and gives you a soft, gentle impression from a strong and stubborn look.


  • Blondi Light brown color for bright hair.
    Brightly dyed hair and uneven bouncing dark eyebrows tone up to give you a chic impression change!


  • Wine, red-brown color for red hair.
    The black eyebrows that are no longer suitable for red color hair are No! No! A red, brown color with a luxurious red color that matches your hair.


  • Natural hair color for bright hair
    Natural hair color and awkward eyebrow color are now in Bye Bye ~ Natural Brown color, soft and mild impression with change!


  • Gold, Blondie Brown color for very bright hair.
    If you are looking for a bright brown hair color that is very bright, concentrate! Blondie color is brighter and company impressions change!

How to use

  1. Brush up the eyebrows to the front of your eyebrows about 1 cm before you touch the opposite direction to lightly touch the eyebrows will color.
  2. Eyebrows from the forearms to the tail, depending on the eyebrow texture. At this time, the eyebrows bite will form the upper side.

TIP : If your eyebrows are thin or untouched, use eyebrow pencil to take the form of your eyebrows first, then use a broker to naturally create rich, clear eyebrows.