innisfree Auto Eyebrow Pencil 0.3g

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innisfree Auto Eyebrow Pencil 0.3g


Auto type eyebrow pencil that is drawn softly with wide elliptical heart.

Eyebrow pencil to sharpen eyebrow contour.

  • If you draw a pencil, draw a wide line, stand up and draw a delicate line!

Soft texture minimizes skin irritation.

  • Gently Balinese texture used without irritation to the skin.

A natural matching effect to hair color.

  • Matches 7 colors according to hair color, so it's cleaner and more stylish.


  • 01 Rose Brown : Red Brown Brown color with red light that matches hair color.
  • 02 Black : Dark black color suitable for dark black hair color.
  • 03 Gray : Gray color suitable for natural hair color that is not dyed.
  • 04 Ash Brown : Ash brown color to match natural brown hair color.
  • 05 Espresso Brown : Espresso brown color suitable for dark brown hair color.
  • 06 Urban Brown : Mid-tone Brown Hair color at dawn to match hair color.
  • 07 Honey Brown : Honey brown color suitable for brightly colored hair color.

Use natural eyebrow pencil to create a stylish impression with a natural eyebrow pencil TIP.

  • Fill the gap between the eyebrows with a pencil, draw the outline naturally, and then use a screw brush to comb along the eyebrow texture.