April Skin Fixing lip shield

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April Skin Fixing lip shield 5g

Product Feature

    Color-surround powder holds oiliness in lip products creates coating for lasting color and smudge-proof look.
    Non-sticky formula glides smoothly on lips for lasting and vivid color.
    Formulated with naturally derived ingredients including camellia japonica seed oil, rosa canina fruit oil, avocado oil to provide hydration for healthier lip care.


  1. Who wants longer lasting lip color
  2. Who is irritated by smudged lips when eating
  3. Who wants to have rich and define lip color to last even after eating
  4. Who has gorgeous lipstick but is irritated to re-apply after few hours
  5. Who always get lip stain on fronth teeth

Shake thoroughly before use to mix separted layers until texture appears translucent!

  • Color-surround powder which holds oiliness and creates coating layer. must be well blended with naturally derived oils for lip color to last longer.

How to use

  1. After lip products and wait for 30 seconds
  2. Shake before use to blend contents well
    (Shake downwards to mix upper layer content with bottom layer)
  3. Squeeze out pea-sized amount and apply
  4. Wait for about a minute for lip color coat


  • Shake up and down 5-6 times before use with lid closed for well-blend contents.
  • For Lip Fixing to be completed, wait for a minute or more for product to be completely dried.
  • Fixing Lip Shield may not be suitable for lip products that are oily.