innisfree Real Fluid Rouge 3g

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innisfree Real Fluid Rouge 3g


Liquid rouge that fills the vibrant color with light and fills the lips with a smooth volume.

Glossy lips shiny moist.

  • The lip gel type oil component is finished with volume lips shining moist from any angle!

Smooth and sharply blush color.

  • Smooth, vivid color with a spherical color powder that fills the lips.

Unmatched adhesion, fitting formula.

  • The thin, light fitting formula is tightly attached to the lips and the lips do not dry for a long time!

Camellia oil, sunflower seed wax for a long time moist

  • Moist Lip Makeup without dryness with camellia oil and Sunflower seed extract wax

Real Fluid Loose Formulation Features.

  • The empty space on the top of the product and the middle hatched when used are characteristic of the gel type formulation and disappear when the tip is pumped up and down.


  • 01 Shy Pink Blow : Gently adds color to the feminine colors on the lips.
  • 02 Apple Juice : Daily color mixed pink and pitch.
  • 03 Flower : The color that the petal shines brightly as if it is drenched on the lips.
  • 04 Orange : Like sunny orange, lovely and vivid color.
  • 05 Baby Apple : Tangue Tangue Color like apple moist and shiny.
  • 06 Apple Chew : Intense color that reveals skin tone.
  • 07 Hotpink Flower Road : Point lips color shines brilliant.
  • 08 Pink Apple Flower : Pastel color with purity.
  • 09 Pink Sunset : Color tone to produce an elegant tone down.
  • 10 Auttum Moonlight Wine : A chic, healthy color with a mixture of wine and pink.