3CE Liquid Lip Color

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3CE Liquid Lip Color 8g

Living Proof Lipstick, Long Lasting, Striped Lipstick, True Matte Fit
Make up with a true matte lip color that is unbearably strong, and a liquid lip color that keeps your makeup clean all day with one touch.


  • #MAKE SENSE : Vintage Coral wrapped gently lips
  • #TAMED : My lips are bloated and I love make-up pitch
  • #THROW : Aux Blood changing the formula of Red
  • #CAPRICIOUS : Apple Red to light your face like a fluorescent light
  • #GLEAMING : Pretty powdery rose pink

In busy times, Living Proof Etidudud

  • Liquid-Proof Liquid Lipstick is a liquid technology that optimizes the adhesion of lips and color to your lips.

True Matte Fit

  • It is a true matte lip color that makes a strong make-up when it is gently applied when it is applied, and it is fixed with the matte when it touches the lips and it is like a casual.

The outer surface is smooth, the lips moist and comfortable

  • Contains vegetable oil (quinoa seed extract, argan tricornel oil) to give a feeling of comfort without crusting or flabbiness.

Lip master applicator

  • Lipmaster applicator freely visible on the lips Full coverage lip and gradient lip can be created like an artist.

Precautions when using

  • Contains a lot of oil for smooth padding and good picking power. Due to the nature of the product, the oil may be discharged first, but it is a normal product, so please use it with confidence.

How to use

  • Liquid Lip Color Please wipe with a cotton swab after 5 minutes. Eliminates dead skin cells and moisturizes lips for smoother and more beautiful lip makeup.