3CE Red Recipe Lip Color

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3CE Red Recipe Lip Color 3.5g

Red presence anywhere in the world
The magic of Red that anyone would have experienced once.
Anytime, anywhere, anytime, with the speciality of red, which can be taken again anytime.


  • Rich color lipstick that moisturizes and covers the lips
  • Rich color expressed in rich colors, moist texture gives a comfortable feeling.
  • # 211 DOLLY : Clear red to bloom
  • # 212 MOON : Colorful red

Real Color Expression

  • It is a blush color lipstick which expresses the desired color by grabing the fine color with the blend of oil excellent in pigment dispersion.

Cover fitting base

  • The base that optimizes the adhesion to the lips closely coats and expresses the gloss and maintains the optimum lip make-up for a long time.

Moisturizing ingredients to keep you dry

  • A botanical butter-like ingredient that helps keep your lips dry, prevents lips from drying out.


  • Matte lipstick with creamy lipstick
  • It keeps the lip color for a long time with the clean color coming in close contact with the lips like primer.
  • # 213 FIG : Elegant pink red
  • # 214 SQUEEZING : Red as it is red
  • # 215 RUBY TUESDAY : Stylish burgundy red

Primer mat texture

  • Primer to help close the lips without the matte texture touches the lip touch is expressed clearly.

Pigment Infusion System

  • Raises the color feeling and makes the color more rich and sensible by touching one or two times.

Creamy putting

  • It is a creamy one, it has excellent blending power and natural gradation makes it possible to express various makeup.

When applied over arm