Miseenscene Perfect Serum 80ml

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Miseenscene Perfect Serum 80ml

Repair your hair within 3 days with miracle oil serum. Miseenscène Perfect Serum is an oil-infused hair serum that provides intensive damage care. Highly enriched with argan oil, royal jelly and rose water, this perfect repair serum boosts nutrient deep into your hair, leaving hair smooth, silky, manageable and nourished. It can be used as conditioning, styling and finishing tool to calm and nourish your hair with shine. 

Suggested Use
1) Dry lightly with a towel after shampooing.
2) Evenly apply a coin size of this serum on the entire hair, especially for the rear and damaged part of your hair, and then dried up your hair.
3) When your hair is dried, apply a little serum onto tip of the hair to finish. Your hair will become shiny.


Damage Cure ComplexTM and 7X Oil CocktailsTM consisting of highly enriched organic argan oil, argan oil, camellia oil, marola oil , olive oil, coconut oil, apricot oil, and jojoba oil, royal jelly, and rose water makes your hair smooth, prevent tangles, and splitting.


Miseenscene Perfect serum 80ml Super Rich

Gives healthy care for damaged hair Rich serum for damaged hair caused by dying, bleaching Gives volume and shine, elasticity moisturized hair
-Gets rid of oily scalps problem and gives moisture to your hair.
-Apply a moderate amount to hair from ends upward and distribute evenly.

Miseenscene Perfect serum 80ml Styling

GOLDEN MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL FOR HAIR The age-old beauty secret that have been used for centuries, Argan oil provides intensive hydration and nourishment, while it improves hair’s sleekness, strength, and elasticity

7 NATURE DERIVED OILS The Argan, olive, coconut, apricot, Marula, jojoba, and camellia are specially formulated to for your hair concerns. You can feel less tangle, roughness, cracks, and split-ends!


Miseenscene Perfect serum 80ml Coco water

Miseenscene Perfect serum 80ml Rose perfume



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