April Skin Magic All Kill Lip & Eye Remover

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April Skin Magic All Kill Lip and Eye Remover 100 ml / 3.38oz



"Exclusive cleanser of makeup which contains  Oil of natural sunflower seed

makes eye rims and  lips makeup to be cleaned featly.

It could also clean heavy makeup of waterproof  "


1.Stop using if the following symptoms appear. Continuance of usage may increase symptoms,if so, consult a doctor.

* If any red spots,swelling,itchiness or skin irritation.

* If direct sunlight causes irritation.

2. Do not apply on areas with scars,eczema or dermatitis .

3. Storage and treatment

* Close the lid after use

* Keep away from children

* Avoid storing in high temperatures and areas exposed to direct sunlight

4. In case it gets in your eyes clean it out with clean water

5. Room temperature can cause color change,but it does not affect product quality or usage