1 Roll 80GA Clear Cast Hand Stretch Wrap 18" 1000' Bundling Shrink Film

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Shrink/Stretch Wrap
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1 Roll 80GA Clear Cast Hand Stretch Wrap 18" 1000' Bundling Shrink Film


Stretch Wrap:
Stretch wrap is the ideal product to use when bundling and moving. Not only can it be used to protect items from minor damage when moving, it can also be used for both securing large shipments and protecting warehouse stock. The self-adhering, high strength wrap securely clings to itself with no extra need for tape or heat sealing. Resistant to punctures and tears, stretch wrap will keep you items safe and sound until they are unpacked. At that time, the wrap can easily be removed with no residue or damage left behind.

Cast Hand Wrap:
Cast hand wrap is excellent for protecting and bundling items. Cast wrap will provide resistance against tears and punctures and protects from minor damages and elements such as dust and moisture. This wrap is lightweight and self-adhering making it very easy and convenient to use.

Item Specification:
Package Type: 1 Rolls.
Quiet unwind.
High clarity.
Easy release.
3" core diameter.
Wraps loads faster.
Self-adhering & residue free when applied.
Safeguards packages from dust, dirt and moisture relating causes.
Clear/Non-Transparent quality—uniquely conceals package details.
One side cling quality—guards shipments from locking together during transit.

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