Colors Face Concealer Powder

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Beauty Treats Professional 12 Colors Face Concealer Camouflage Contour Palette Powder, No Irritation


Versatile Face Powder:
  • It can be used for many things such as: Contouring, highlighting, foundation, concealing, face/finishing powder, fill in eyebrows & darken skin tone a tad
  • It absorbs excess oil too
  • Try these 12 colors with different outfits and enjoy having the variety
Feel light and soft:
  • A combination of soft and smooth pressed powders in a multitude of skin tones to create a flawless finish on any makeup application
  • Convenient for any makeup artist or daily makeup user
  • All powder is exquisite, soft and downy
Mix and get different colors!
  • Easy to blend and stay on for a whole day
  • This palette colors can be mixed and be able to create different colors
  • Our 12 shades cover a multitude of skin tones to create a natural finish
Special Features:
  • Highly pigmented
  • Long lasting effect
  • No irritation
  • Suitable for all skin tones and skin types.
  • Contouring kit helps make faces look more chiseled and structured without making your makeup look overly dramatic or thick
  • This sleek professional palette is perfect for traveling, storing or using as part of a professional makeup kit


An extensive range of 12 multiple vibrant concealer colour with different skin tones to create amazing looks

Suitable for both causal makeup and party makeup

It is light and doesn't look too heavy, making it have a more natural look

Can be used as contour shade, highlighter, blusher, etc

Darker shades to contour and lighter shades to highlightItem Includes



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