3CE BEBE color Lip Balm

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3CE BEBE color Lip Balm 2.8g

"Color Lip Balm" That Gently Melts on Lips and Keep Moisturized

Bebe color lip balm a lip moisturizer for lip treatment. Color formation is relatively clear and light.
Below image is with multiple layers in order to show its color. Please kindly refer upon purchase.


  • # FICKER
    A gentle, controlled shad of pink you'll reach for more often than you think the look of soft lips coated in a delicate shade of pink creates a gentle girlish vibe.
    Girlish pink shade return of vibrancy! my pink! my own pink! pinky moisture lip balm
  • # HUSH
    Raspberry pink that'll brighten up your complexion a sweet pink color that brings romantic mood
    Get the perfect pink pout! Pink shade vibrancy in raspberry  color rich moisture in every glide
  • # PEPPER
    Blackish red of dual attraction delivers sweet moods of freshly squeezed nectar of fully ripe black berries.
    Bittersweet chocolate moisture sweet brown color chocolate lip balm
  • # PLAY
    Reddish pink for daily wear soft hot pink with a hint od red for a lovely pout
    Elegant pink warm pink with moist lovely moist
  • # SAY IT
    Clear classic red that'll make you scream "I LOVE YOU!" the transparent red gently blends with your natural lip color and gives a pure innocent look.
    Clear pure red like fresh cherries world's best lip balm
    Soft and sentimental milk coral creamy coral shade makes your lips so delicate, wishing to touch your lips.
    Perfect color for coral addicts delicate radiance in coral shade
    Cozy and amiable yellow orange warm vintage orange shade gives off a cute, girly vibe while it is ideal as a daily color.
    So energetic! refreshing orange instantly adds moisture to the lips

TIP : When applied with a lip brush, higher color formation is achieved.


  • BEBE Color Lip Balm is a balm that moisturizes and nourishes lips
    Fully loaded with nourishing essence, BEBE Color Lip Balm delivers relatively sheer and more delicate
    shade of color. Apply multiple layers to get a rich and color expression.