3CE Drawing Lip Pen

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3CE Drawing Lip Pen 1.1g

SKINNY LIPSTICK that glides on my lips such as a crayon. 
Bold colors adhere to lips with ease for a flawless, longer-lasting color.

Endless Color Combinations!

  • With 12 shades of skinny lipstick, it allows you to mix and match for creating a new shade combination or gradient look.
    Creating your own lip makeup style is now a pieceof cake!! 12 color

Various Lip Color Makeup

  • The fine, pencil-type lipstick for clear defined lips to multi-colored gradient lips. It is multi-use lipstick that allow your own makeup.

Light Wear With Powdery Texture

  • Powdery-texture lipstick instantly adheres to lips with comfort to stay put for longer.

Smooth And Long-Lasting

  • Non-clumping lipstick smoothly glides on lips to express vivid colors that lasts long.

Rich-Color Pigment

  • Formulated with rich color pigments that allow lips with true colors looking fabulous.

Soft texture, High color-formation, Long-lasting effect!
Fresh 3CE Drawing Lip Pen Is Finally Born After Months of Correction for Perfection

Mix and Make Endless Looks!

Combine two color to creat your own gradient lips.

Color Guide