3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color

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3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color 3.5g

Primer Matte Texture

  • The primer-like matte texture allows glides on without any tugging while creating clear, defined lips.

Pigment Infusion System

  • A single stroke or two is all you need to create rich and sensual color.

Creamy Application

  • Mood Recipe Lipstick has a creamy application and blends effortlessly to create naturally gradient lips suitable for any makeup look.


  • Adeparture from your typical brick rose shade this unique lip color is on the boderline between red and rose.
    A stylish shade that will instantly leave you feeling like a fashionista.

This lipstick shade might easily pass by unnoticed at first,

but try on your lips, and you'll be surprised to find yourself showered with compliments and attention!

# 114 ROWS

  • A nude beige tone befitting of runway models
    Color inspired by classy and sophisticated high fashion the sleek, effortless chic vibe from the runways recreated as a lip color.

Rock the runway model trend with an all-natural "no-makeup look"

where less is more, and a subtle nude lip color is far more sophisticated than a bold and bright one.
This is the perfect shade for a true MLBB (My Lips But Better) lipstick.

# 115 MUSS

  • If you're wondering what color "pretty" is, we've found it right here.
    This rose beige color is the ultimate statement of femininity, with a softness that will make your face radiate.

What color would you use to describe "pretty"?

Say no more the answer is right here in this rosy lipstick color.
Experience for yourself what simplistic and feminine beauty feels like.


  • A captivating peach-brown lipstick ton that creates the perfect shade when blended with your natural lip color.
    This shade is all the rage among the hottest social media stars.

We tried to maintain the integrity of our classic 3CE warm-tone color,
#908 Warm and Sweet, while adding just a hint of peach

the shade may come off as a stronger brown on normal skin, but creates a sophisticated hue when blended with your natural lip color.


  • A unique deep reddish brown lip color never seen brfore, with a bold fierceness that simply demands attention.
    This lipstick tone is sure to leave you in the spotlight.

This bold lip color might seen intimidating at first,
but you'll find that has an alluring glamour you just can't resist.

Dab this color a few times on top of normal red lipstick to create a subtle chocolate-red ombre lip look.

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