3CE Mood Recipe Triple Shadow

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3CE Mood Recipe Triple Shadow 3.5g

A triple eye shadow set with a velvety texture and great staying power.
Each color looks even better when blended with the others, allowing room for endless eye makeup looks.

Tripe Color Match

  • A blend of both tone-on-tone and tone-in tone to create a fabulous makeup look for any occasion.

Easy Layered Texture

  • An easy eye makeup kit even for beginners, with soft suede-like textures for a natural contour and blend.

Emollient-Based Eye shadow

  • Emollient agents allow for the eye shadow to apply smoothly without fallout, for a clean eye makeup finish.

Eye Contouring Makeup

  • The perfect color combo of base, shade, and definition this set completes a fail-proof makeup look for deep, contoured eyes.

A peachy brown that seamlessly adds natral depth to the lids,
Dainty Tasty provides an easy transition into eye contouring, and is a must-have item for your basic eye makeup kit.

A lovable matte peach brown color for the best natural depth and contour!

A sweet start to soft contouring makeup

A dusty pink brown combination you can't take your eyes off of,
this shade adds elegance with a slight gold shimmer infused into a mixture of dull pink beige.

An every eye shadow set you just can't get enough of.
Gotta Have, Gotta Do!

A dusty pink & brown combo loved by all

A bright and brilliant bronze burgundy that clearly stands out from any angle.
The glittery burgundy adds an extra pinch of glamour without being too excessive.

Glittery deep burgundy, the perfect sultry and glamourous color for an autumn makeup look.

A color to die for!

Color Payoff / Consistency / Intensity
A triple-color eyeshadow set that satisfies all three criteria!