3CE Pink Rumour Loose Powder

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3CE Pink Rumour Loose Powder
(Satin Chiffon / Blur Setting) 15g

Pink Rumour Satin Chiffon Loose Powder

  • The pink beam satin powder for radiant makeup
    The Loose Powder provides skin with a satin glow for a long-lasting radiant skin full moisture.

Soft, Satin Finish

  • The lightweight pink beam powder captures oiliness for smooth skin full of radiance.

Makeup Fixer for Long-lasting Makeup

  • Fixes makeup for bright and lively skin all day long.

Soft and Moisturized Finish

  • The light-textured particles with added moisture prevents dryness to retain fully hydrated skin.

Tips for using

Pure Radiance

  • Dispense an appropriate amount on to the brush and softly apply for face full of pure radiance.

Soft Makeup Fixer

  • Dispense an appropriate amount on to the puff and rub to spread the content evenly. Apply on the face in a dabbing motion.

Pink Rumour Blur Setting Loose Powder

  • Perpect, youthful skin
    The Loose Powder covers up rough skin with enlarge pores and captures oiliness for flawless, youthful skin

Natural Skin Refinement

  • The sebum controlling powder with a transparent finish covers up rough skin with enlarged pores for a natural, smooth skin texture.

Moisturized Makeup

  • The sebum controlling effect keeps soft on the outside, and the moisturizing complex of Tea Tree Oil and Jojoba Oil keeps skin hydrated on the inside.

Tips for using

Smudge-free Base Eye Makeup

  • Try just few dabs of Blur Setting Loose Powder on the eyes and lashes
    before putting on makeup for a smudge-free and curled eye makeup that lasts.

Makeup Blender

  • When you feel there's too much eye shadow or blusher, apply a small amount on to the brush and apply along the outlines for a natural color expression with a transparent finish.