3CE Pot Eye Shadow 3g

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3CE Pot Eye Shadow 3g


  • A pot eyeshadow that creates a sheer veil of shimmer on your eyes.
    The soft cushiony format releases a shear wash of color with a luminous glow for a deep and vibrant look.

  • #BABY DOLL - Baby pink with a light-reflecting luminous glow
  • #DELIGHTFUL - Indescribably mysterious coral brown
  • #HOLY CHIC - Timeless beige with a touch of classic sophistication
  • #FABULOUS - Alluring pink beige with a hint of minty green shimmer
  • #CORAL TIME - Adorable coral with a hint of pink shimmer
  • #BABY LATTE - Sweet peach with a subtle mixture of gold and pink shimmer
  • #MR. BROWN - Hazelnut brown with gold glitter

The Unique Vibrant Colors of Wet Eyeshadows

  • The unique, wet formula blends seamlessly into skin and delivers clear color payoff with a vibrant glow.

The Perfect Blend ability of Ultra-Fine Texture

  • The superbly blendable eye shadow with a cashmere texture glides on smoothly while adding subtle dimension to the eyes for a dramatic look.

Highly Adhesive Formula without Fallout!

  • The moisture-rich, creamy formula adheres to the eyelid without fallout, giving you a clean and fresh finish


Tips for how to use the pot shadow properly.

  • To keep the product's texture soft and cushiony, make sure to close the lid tightly each time after use.
  • If product contents may cause displacement phenomenon or fragment, It is normal product therefore tighten the inner lid.

So dazzling you could go blind!

  • The infusion of Argania, Spinosa Kernel Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, and Rose Canina Fruit Oil keeps skin hydrated and nourished. Create endless eye looks from subtle and natural to intense and colorful! Cheek out its liminous shimmer!

The True Wet Eyeshadow '3CE POT EYE SHADOW' How is it different from other eyeshadows?

  • Unlike other eyeshadows that are made with the blend of powder pigments and a small amount of oil, 3CE Pot Eye Shadow is the true wet eyeshadow that's been processed through the liquefaction of powder pigments.
  • Compared to the standard powder type, wet eyeshadows require more complex processing and are produced only in small quantity. The reason 3CE insisted in marking a wet eyeshadow lies in its superior sparkling finish! The neve-before-seen glitter without weight! The pure, shear glow!
  • During the liquefaction process, emollient oil evenly wraps around powder pigments.
    This will result in a smooth and cushiony texture.
    On top of its super fine texture, the lightweight formula glides on smoothly and delivers rich shimmer.

The ever-enhancing eyeshadow!

The innovative eye shadow that's soft, subtle, and ultra-glittering!