3CE Studio Lacquer Mascara

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3CE Studio Lacquer Mascara 9.5g

An idol star-like curling lashes! Perfect volume set! #CurlingWandMascara

  • A mascara that'll get you full lashes without the need for falsies.
    Water and oil resistant formula to keep lashes looking neat all day.

  • #BROWN - Innocent Pinkish Brown
  • #BLACK - Vivid Real Black

Curling wand brush for #SuperCurls

  • The triangular curling wand with densely-packed bristies lifts lashes strand by strand, creating sky-high curled lashes like those of K-pop idols

Buildable resin base formula for extreme volume

  • Highly adhesive resins create spectacular volume on lashes as they're coated in multiple layers and prevent lashes from falling back down, giving you a dramatic, gorgeous eye makeup look.

Water Resistant Formula

  • A waterproof polymer won't let your lashes smudge and keep eyes clear all day.



A real curling wand for lashes!

Take a flawless selfie that'll get you million likes!

Extreme / Lash / Fatale / Breathe new life into your lashes.

  • A triangular brush wand with densely-packed bristles for super curls! Plus, a buildable resin base for extreme volume! No wonder everyone talks about it!