3CE Tattoo Lip Tint

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3CE Tattoo Lip Tint 4.2g

The final stage of color development, tattoo lip tint!!
Magical persistence that forgets lip correction time # It is still _colorful

  • #COMA : Deep red with dry tone down without any other color mixing
  • #LUZTIC : Clear red with warm colors like a squash of cherry juice
  • #COOLEST : Rosy pink with pink and orange
  • #CANDY JELLY : Push a drop! Sensual and sweet pink
  • #YAY OR NAY : Clear red orange like lips of a child

In addition to feeling moist and comfortable, it has a strong adhesion and lasting long effect that goes beyond the existing tint, and completes lip make-up all day long

Endurance end to challenge tattoo

  • Instantly sticks to your lips instantly with ultrahigh color pigments to maximize the effect of duration.

Bold and deep color

  • It gives a feeling of looking like a soft lipstick, a bright color that covers the lips immediately when applied, and a clear color that is distinctive from Lip Tint that does not appear on the lips.

When applied over arm

After wiping off with tissue

The secret of comfortable lips without drying

  • Shine essence oil complex, extracted from 11 different plants including argan tincture oil, olive oil, camellia oil, jojoba seed oil, and shea butter, gently protects lips and adds natural glossiness and moisture.

An applicator for lips

  • Tattoo Lip Tint with optimal touch with angle and best Chemi tip! A gentle lips applicator helps you to apply exquisitely to light touches.