3CE Treatment Hair Tint

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3CE Treatment Hair Tint 50ml


The Revolutionary Treatment Hair Tint.

  • Treatment for Lustrous Locks, Hair Tint for Coloring!
    Strong Effect as Hair Tint, Color Lasts for Maximum of 1 Week While Offering a Coat of Protection that Softens Rough Hair.


  • This hair tint leaves a temporary stain of color that lasts up to 7 days once applied, allowing the free transformation of hair color.


  • Special treatment-providing pigments work to condition your hair and protect your scalp, transforming damaged hair into silky soft strands.

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  • Q : How much amount should I use with my hair?
    A : It depends on individual hair volum. Usually for the even color distribution, we recommend to use 2 tubes for short hair, 3 tubes for shoulder-length and 4 tubes for long hair.
  • Q : Wouldn't this hair tint damage or irritate my hair?
    A : The formulas in Treatment Hair Tint work as conditioner without no damage. This new level of hair treatment can color the hair while protecting it.
  • Q : Does this work on dark/black hair?
    A : Color does not show well on dark hair. For the optimal color payoff that you want, best way is to bleach or dye your hair first.
  • Q : How long will the colors last?
    A : Typically for 7 days. But it depends on each individual's hair condition. For lionger lasting color use it again within 3 days after first dyeing.
  • Q : My hands are stained with color after dyeing. What should I do?
    A : The stained color will be removed if thoroughly washed with soap. If you're concerned about stains, wear protective gloves before use.
  • Q : Can I mix this with different colors?
    A : You can mix different colors to create new options, or can even mix with regular hair treatment products to adjust the color payoff.

Non-damaging Hair Dye! 7-DAY LONG HAIR TINT
Strong effect as hair tint, color lasts for maximum of 1 week while offering a coat of protection that softens rough hair.


  • #APRICOT BROWN : Warm apricot brown hues of spring
  • #ROSE BROWN : The ultimate rose brown hair color brighten skin tone
  • #CHOCOLAT BROWN : Deliciously lovable! Everyday wearable chocolatey hair color
  • #BABY PINK : All-eyes-on-me! Adorable lovely baby pink color
  • #NATURAL ASH : Even out blotchy hair master of natural ash

Restore the lost sheen in your roughened hair and deliver sliky smoothness to your fingertips with
"hair conditioning treatment"


  1. As the color might be washed out stain the towel, please use a separate one after shampooing.
  2. For 2-3 days, color may stain your clothes and sheets when hair is left damp. 
    Use a blow dryer to dry your hair completely
  3. Applying on non-dyed dark or dyed dark hair may show little color payoff.
    Results may also differ depending on individual hair condition and self technique.