LED Fog Light Kit Bulbs Combo Headlight High Low Beam 6000K White

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9005 9006 Combo LED Fog Light Kit Bulbs
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4x 9005 9006 Super LED Combo Headlight High Low Beam Fog Light Bulbs 6000K White

Product Feature

  • LED lights than traditional halogen energy, more power.
  • Xenon lamp brightness and proximity, but the LED lights light up without delay, to enhance road safety. Instant start no strong currents impact, effectively protecting the car comes with a battery, improving the battery life of more than 30%.
  • Fast cooling, the appearance of the most advanced design, thermal structure ingenious, and reasonable. Less warranty, power driver with wide voltage constant current mode, the car can respond to a variety of voltage instability, the effective protection of normal use Led efficient and simple structure. Fewer Components damaged, repair the probability is very low, compared with HID ballast repair lower than 80%.

  • The heating temperature is low, protect the car. Xenon working temperature up to 800 ° -1000 °, the main reason for the car ignition.
  • LED car lights simple structure, fewer parts than xenon lamps, significantly lower than the xenon lamp failure rates.
  • Automotive LED foglight color temperature balancing. The Xenon bulbs in the same color to clear, about 6000K.


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