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Abib Mild acidic pH sheet mask Heartleaf fit 10P

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Abib Mild acidic pH sheet mask Heartleaf fit 10P
    • Keep pH balance your skin to strengthen your skin barrier and maintain healthy skin.
    • Heartleaf : Take care of your sensitive skin gently! A Remarkable Quercetin extracted from Huttuynia cordata helps to remove dead, dull skin cells and control sebum production. It makes your skin flawless and bright. #Best skin-soothing product #Transparent moisturizing mask #Moisturizing care
    • Mountain Jiri : Compose of 89% Huttuynia cordata extract cultivated in the hillside of pristine Jiri Mountain.
    • ALBAM Sheet : ALBAM = ALbumin + BAMboo / This special mask sheet is made of bamboo and albumin (egg whites)! ALBAM mask sheet is shrunk smoothly when you apply. It helps firm and tighten your skin while increasing absorption of active ingredients in essence.
    • FIT! It delivers effect of one bottle of serum to your skin gently! Moisturize your skin with a 30ml bottle of ampoule without any skin irritation!

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