AIR FORCE ECO-Friendly Camping Air Mat Yellow

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- Greater durability and shape stability compared to generic air mattress, such as high frequency, foam, self-inflatable.
- Highly versatile and customizable because the products are 100% handmade.
- Easy to inflate and deflate, carry around and store
- Prevents growth of all sorts of harmful bacteria, fungi and dust mites.
- Domestic in-house manufactured for strict quality control and strong after sales service support.
- Certified for effectively decreasing nosie level when usingn in multi- story buildings and residences.

This mattress is 100% handmade with skilled craftsmanship, and "double wall fabric" is used to make them firm and robust.
Myriads of special polyster strands hold the uppper and lower walls together, allowing the mattress to retain shape under heavier loads, without bending and warping.
100% glued by hand means higher durability and stronger finish.
Air Force matterss is firm and robust. What this also means is that no matter wherer you decide to lie down, your back will not feel the jaggerd gravel underneath. Using other foger matterss products will leave you with discomfort and back pain, but Air Force mattress absorbs about 80% of the "jaggedness"
It is also more compact whe deflated compared to those other types of mattresses.


- 1m : Thickness 5.91inch x Width 6.56ft x Length 3.28ft
- 1.5m : Thickness 5.91inch x Width 6.56ft x Length 4.92ft
2m : Thickness 5.91inch x Width 6.56ft x Length 6.56ft
2.4m : Thickness 5.91inch x Width 6.56ft x Length 7.87ft

3m : Thickness 5.91inch x Width 6.56ft x Length 9.84ft

Color : Yellow