AIR FORCE ECO-Friendly Kid's Tractable Play Air Mat

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- Thickness: 15cm(5.91inch)
- Main Material : Non-phthalate Double wall fabric (DWF)
DWF: It is a special type of PVC based material that has billions of polyester "spacer threads" holding the top and bottom PVC layers.

- With team game programs, helps to develop sense of cooperation, as well as muscle strength, agility, and stamina
- Set its shape to suit your use with attachable velcro system to work as Long Gym Mat of Climing Mat.
- The dfference starts with our Eco-Friendly Fabric that is 100% non-Phthalate grade ("Eco-grade")


Colo r : Yellow
Size : Large: 100x150cm-2ea / 150x200cm-2ea
          Small : 50x100cm-2ea / 100x100cm-2ea