AIR FORCE ECO Gymnastics Air Track Mat (Blue & Red)

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1. Can be air-inflated/deflated and carried and stored easily.
2. Highly endurable, and hardly twisting and bending accordingly.
3. Inhibition of growing of various harmful germs such as dust mites.
4. The in-type special valve is used to control air to allow the users to use the product to meet their needs.
5. The product will be custom made 100% manually and after-sales service will be provided completely.
6. Comfortably smooth surface.
7. Eco-friendly quality of our fabric (non phthalate detection). Phthalate chemicals are considered to be potentially hazardous to health, especially for children.

- Gymnastics
- Martial arts and sports training

Dropstitch fabric (or double wall fabric, DWF) inflatable gymnastics mattress, commonly known as air track, air floor or tumble track. 100% hand made in Korea with excellent quality. Made with eco-friendly fabric with no hazardous phthalate, which is commonly found in generic PVC products. First ever in South Korea.

Produced in various thickness and sizes, the air track is suitable for professionals as well as children and young adults. The air track helps growth in children by effectively stimulating growth plates. The air track maximizes the stimulating effects of activities like sergeant jump and jump ropes while minimizing stress to the bones and muscles, increasing the effectiveness of the exercise activities by up 2 to 3 times.
Ideal safety mat for high flying martial arts, gymnastics and acrobatics training and performance. AIR FORCE air mats are being widely used by universities, athletics gyms, acrobatics schools and other athletic facilities, with strong recognition for quality excellence of 100% handmade product.