April Skin Magic Brow Tattoo Gel

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April Skin Magic Brow Tattoo Gel 7g

How Water Film of Magic Brow Tattoo Gel works

  • As Tattoo Gel is applied, Water Film is formed and amino acid agents and tint agents react to create Self Coloring System, tattoo.

Long Lasting Tattoo Gell!

  • Non-irritant with naturally derived ingredients, Self Coloring System allows beautiful, natural and lasting brow tattoo.
  1. Moisturizing/Soothing
  2. Easy to use
  3. Natural Color
  4. Long-lasting

Why Choose 'Magic Brow Tattoo'?


  • Moisturizing/Soothing Botanical Extracts
    Naturally derived ingredients soothes and moisturize brow hairs!


  • Quick Drying
    Shorten drying time to add convenience for everyone!


  • Natural-looking
    Water film allows natural-looking and beautiful brow!


  • Long-lasting Effect
    Long-lasting colors with sweat and water proof Lasting brow tattoo!

Magic Brow Tattoo Gel Is For You!

  • Have sparse brow hair
  • Want define and bold brow without makup
  • Have hard time drawing brow every morning
  • Need long-lasting water-proof and sweat-proof brow
  • Need brow color that match hair color
  • For men with sparse brow

Only 30Sec application time! Easy maintenance Magic Brow Tattoo Gel!

How to us

  1. Use provided eyebrow guide to apply to gel in short upward strokes in direction of hair growth.
  2. Dry for 30~40 min
    (For more bold color tattoo, dry for 1hour and 30min.)
  3. Gently pill off dried gel from outer brow toward front.
  4. Natural-looking and long-lasting brows are done!


  • For longer-lasting effect, apply tattoo gel before bed and remove next morning.
    Wipe waste from brow before application!
    Wipe any mistakes with cotton tips immediately!
    Avoid use of cleansing products within 24hr of tattoo gel application!

Magic Brow Tattoo Gel How To Use TIP

  • Wipe and remove any waste/moisture before application for best results.
  • Wipe mistakes using tissue or cotton tips immediately, before dry.
  • For longer-lasting effect and bold color, apply befor bed and remove  next morning.