April Skin Magic Fixing Tint

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April Skin Magic Fixing Tint 4.5g

Silky and Vibrant APRILSKIN Fixing Tint!

1. Illuminating Color

  • In 3 colors

2. Color Fitting System creates wrapping effect for illuminating colors to stay long.

  • Long Wearing Lip

3. Lip Stain

  • Tint is fixed to lips to prevent patchy fading.

Kissable Lip! 3 Illuminating Colors!

  • Unbelievably Long Wearing Lip Tints
    Stay beautiful all-day with APRILSKIN Fixing Tint!

How to use

  1. Apply by starting in the center of lips.
  2. Smooth outwards toward corners of mouth.
  3. Make a lip gradation with two colors for desired look.