April Skin Magic Snow Cream

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April Skin
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April Skin Magic Snow Cream 70ml



"Moist whitening cream, availability during four season

- Whitening cream make you more gorgeous, moist, durable through amazing combination new conception of whitening cream like eye organization and natural mineral Himalaya glacial milk

- Himalaya glacial mik which clear water with non-pollution like active ingredient  that include calcium, magnesium, zinc,potassium, sodium makes your skin more moist during long time

*Ingredient: niacinamid, orange peel extracts, aloe vera leaf juice  *Effect: whitening functionality, skin soothes, moisturising"


Precautions for use

1.Stop using if the following symptoms appear.Continuing usage may increase symptoms,if so, consult a doctor.

1)If any red spots,swelling,itchiness or skin irritation develop

2)if direct sunlight causes irritation

2.Do not apply on areas with scars,eczema, or dermatitis

3.Storage and treatment

1)Close the lid after use.

2)Keep away from children

3)Avoid storing in high temperatures and areas exposed to direct sunlight.

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