April Skin Turn-up Color Cream

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April Skin
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April Skin Turn-up Color Cream 60g

Shiny Hair Color! No Damage! No Stains!


  1. If your hair is previously dyed using a darker color, dying your hair with a brighter color may not have the desired effect.
  2. Color may not last as long as expected when used on hair damaged by repeated bleaching.
  3. The greater amount of gray hair, the brighter the result

Product Feature

  • The above product is a quasi-drug
  • Long Lasting Color
    Contains hydrolyzed silk and hydrolyzed keratin which minimizes hair damage resulting in deep, vibrant, and long lasting colors.
  • Smooth Creamy Tezture
    A rich and smooth, non-dripping cream texture that applies easily and evenly. Dye your hair at home without worrying about uneven coloring.
  • Mix As You Wish
    Blend 2-3 colors to create a personal recipe for a mysterious color that turns heads indoors and outdoors.
  • 5 Different Plnat Based Oils Give Hair a Shiny Coat
    Plant based oils such as camellia oil, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and evening primrose oil nourishes the hair keeping it healthy and smooth even after coloring.


  1. Get amazing hair color at a great price!
  2. Blend colors and dye hair at home
  3. Get long lasting results at home
  4. Keep hair shiny even after hair dye

Color Guide

Gloves and gown inside

  • Pink Candy : Soft pinky brown color
  • Red Pepper : Intense red wine color
  • Matte Avocado : Ashy khaki color
  • Cinnamon Butter : Golden light brown color
  • Ash Latte : Grayish brown color
  • Deep Blueberry : Deep blue color
  • Highlightner : Increase color intensity


  • Formula i Hair dye 60g, Formula 2 Oxidizer 60g, Treatment 10ml, Comb, Plastic gown, Plastic gloves, Ear caps, Instructions


  • Perform a patch test behind ear or inside arm 48 hours before using the product to check for any allergic reactions.
  • Using immediately after shampooing hair, or hais styling products is not recommended
    (May interfere with dye formula and/or uneven results).
  • Pemove all metal accessories such as hair pins, glasses, earrings, rings, and necklaces for reaction with formula may cause discoloration.
  • Apply any cream with high oil content on forehead, neck, and around ears etc. in order to prevent formula from staining skin.
  • Spread newspaper on floor and walls to prevent staining

How to use

1. Create mix

  • 1. Add both formula 1 and 2 in bottle
  • 2. Shake well to completely mix both formula
  • 3. Once completely shaken, wear plastic glove, gown, and ear caps

2. Apply mixture

  • 4. Hair in the front changes color faster than hair in the back. Using the comb inside, start applying the mixture beginning form the hairline around neck towards the forehead
  • 5. For an even result, take extra care when applying on hairline and back of ears
  • 6. Leave in for 30~40 minutes. Mixture may start to drip if left in for a longer period of time

3. Wash out

  • 7. Wash thoroughly with lukewarm water once wait is over
  • 8. Wash thoroughly after massaging the scalp and hair using the treatment inside
  • 9. Done!

The included hair treatment is a cosmetic priduct.

Turn-Up Color Cream Tip!

  • Create the mixture immediately before use. The mixture will become ineffective after 60 minutes.
  • Results may differ depending on original hair color, hair condition, and room temperature
  • For thick hair, very dark hair, and low room temperatures, leave in for an additional 5-10 minutes.
    For thin hair, damaged hair, and high room temperatures, leave in for 5-10 minutes less
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