April Skin Turn-up Color Treatment

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April Skin
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April Skin Turn-up Color Treatment 60ml

2 Weeks Shiny Color Tinting

This is no a permanent hair dye. It is a color treatment which tints hair.

Product Feature

  • Two weeks long hair tint
    This is no a permanent hair dye, but a hair treatment which gives a color to a hair and nourishes at the same time.
    The color naturally fades away after 2-3 weeks.
    You can try new hair color in every 2weeks.
  • Color Tinting without damaging cuticles
    Unlike a permanent hair dye which expands cuticles to penetrate a color inside, this hair treatment attaches the color pigment on to a surface of the hair.
    Therefore, there is not cuticle damage.
  • Nourishing hair with a shine
    20 herb extracts nourishes a brittle hair, so even on a seriously damaged hair can have define color and shine.

We Recommend to

  1. Who has damaged hair form series of dying and bleaching but cannot give up on the style.
  2. Who wants to change to a different color every 2 weeks.
  3. Who wants to nourish and color the hair at the same time.
  4. Who wants to creat one's unque style by mixing colors.

Trun-Up Color Treatment Color Guide

Gloves and gown are included

  • Red : eye-catching color
  • Orange : fresh and lively color
  • Peach Pink : warm and lovely cherryblossom color
  • Pink : unique and vivid color
  • Green Blue : mysterious blue marine color

Trun-Up Color Treatment Tip

  • Number of Turn-Up Color Treatments you need... In average, short length needs 2 Turn-Up Color Treatments
    Shoulder length medium length needs 2-3 Turn-Up Color Treatments
    long hair 4 Turn-Up Color Treatments
    *number of Turn-Up Color Treatment requires may vary due to the length and volume of your hair.

Recipe Tip

How to use

  1. If the treatment is used on dark and not not dyed hair, it can not be fully tinted as a color you desire.
  2. Since the color fades away gradually and naturally, use separate towel and dry thoroughly after shamploo.
  3. If more vibrant color is preferred, wait little longer after applying.
  4. If stronger tint is preferred, apply the Turn-Up Color Treatment on a dry hair.
  5. To prevent fading quickly, dry your hair completely after use.
  6. Additional conditioner or treatment use after color treatment is not recommended.
  7. It can be easily tinted on skin, so gloves and gown are strongly recommended.
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