Banila co Prime primer

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Banila co Prime primer 30ml
(Classic / Matte / Hydrating / Blur / Purity)

Primer, magic on the skin!

  • Go to the ordinary primer! A clear answer to your skin troubles the primer that can be selected according to the type of skin disappears whatever the skin troubles and makes the best skin condition for makeup.
  • Skin Correction : Finishes like rough skin with irregularities, bending, pores and fine wrinkles
  • Smoothness : Smooth texture fades to the skin and melts smoothly as it melts to smooth skin like silk
  • Sebum adsorption : strong sebum adsorption component and pore convergence function smooth and silky skin condensation correction


Prime Primer (N) _ Classic

  • Vanilla nose representative primer! Use all skin types
  • Gently grasping the skin's curvature to give skin a shine or shine!

Prime primer (H) _ Matte

  • T zone, nostrils, balls and absorbs sebum to prevent overburden!
  • Strong sebaceous adsorption + pore convergence oily skin is highly recommended!

Prime primer (D) _ Hydrating

  • Oil Free type! Recommended for normal to dry skin! Moisture and fullness of moisture
  • The skin is instantly cool and moisturized.

Prime primer (B) _ Purity

  • A refreshing, irritating, sensitive primer, a light feel that covers the skin's bending and naturally corrects stressed and reddened skin tone.
  • For sensitive skin: No added 7 kinds of parabens, benzophenone, mineral oil, etc., so you can use sensitive skin safely!
  • Skin Correction: Soft and light feeling does not block the pores and covers skin curves. Corrects stressed red skin tone naturally.
  • Skin Soothing: Contains botanical herbal extracts and phytoncide pine ingredients, helps to soothe skin and maintains water balance

Prime primer _ blur

  • A new concept primer that blushes with Photoshop and makes it smooth & bright.
  • Blurring Effect: Smooth blur effect on skin defects by controlling light
  • Shinny Skin: Optimum blend of red, blue, and green pearls using the three elements of light to create a radiant, radiant skin
  • Boosting: Smooth skin texture and adds moisture to makeup adhesion & durability UP