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Beverly Hills Polo Club Urban Shic Energy Toner150ML

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Beverly Hills Polo Club
* Color
Urban Shic
Energy Toner
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Beverly Hills Polo Club Urban Shic Energy Toner150ML

Urban-Shic Toner
Energy Toner
0 percent gas
Suitable for both daily use and special occasions like parties etc
Can be used on both body and clothes
Usage: Give it a good hard shake first to make sure all the ingredients are mixed together before you spray it. You should hold the can approximately 15cm from your body or clothes as you spray it.
Target Audience: Women
Package Contents: 1 Cologne Spray
Multi function : Whitening

Urban-Chic Toner
Make the skin relax by moisturization of natural-plant extracts
Double-functioning Skincare product for brightness and elastic skin
Urban-Chic Emulsion
Full of nutrient complex absorbs to skin quickly with no sticking and make the dry skin silky and moist
Multi function : Anti-wrinkle & Whitening
Contain Stem-Cell (Hydrolyzed Pea-Protein) 15mg

Toner(150ml) x 2ea

Emulsion(150ml) x 1ea

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