Bunch O Balloon style 4 Packs 444 Pcs Self-Sealing Instant Water Balloons

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Water Balloons
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Bunch O Balloon style 4 Packs 444 Pcs Self Sealing Instant Water Balloons

  • 12 bundles of 37 multi colored rapid filling self sealing water balloons - Total - 444 water Balloons
  • Rapid Fill - Be ready for a water balloon fight at any moment - fill all 444 water balloons in under 4 minutes!
  • Self Sealing - Once the balloons are filled with water simply shake them off of the filling device and they are ready to go! No more tedious knot tying.

  • Quick Fill Adapter - adapter is included for faster filling and more time for playing! Simply screw the adapter to your hose and plug the bundles on to the adapter for super fast filling!
  • Reusable Rapid Fill Device - Buy rapid fill water balloon re-fill kits to have water balloon fun over and over!

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