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Chagatéro Chaga Mushroom Tea Natural Antioxidant

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Chagatéro Chaga Mushroom Tea Natural Antioxidant



  • Haesong KNS has developed roasted Chaga mushroom tea with enhanced beta-glucan content. It is deep and richer than ordinary Chaga mushroom tea. It has a tea bag shape and is easy to drink.
  • Chaga mushroom was harvested and imported directly from Tomsk, Siberia, Russia.

  • Roasting technology was developed to improve the useful ingredients, including Beta Glucan, of Chaga mushroom.
  • Beta-glucan, which is known for its anticancer effects, and superoxide dismutase (SOD), which is excellent for prevention of aging, are shown to have higher content than other mushrooms (Agaricus and Situ mushroom).
  • Great Healthy gift idea for family and friends.

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