Civasan Skin Care Moisturizing Facial Meso Spray

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Civasan Skin Care Moisturizing Facial Meso Spray 

CIVASAN Skin Care Moisturizing Facial Meso Spray 60ml

SKIN CARE - Moisturize Facial spray can be used every day, every where for every one. This dermatological facial mist can be used to hydrate skin on-the-go, while traveling, after cleansing, after sun exposure, shaving, set make-up, reduce redness & itching, post-procedure, and even soothe diaper rash. Clinically proven to relieve very dry skin and prevents dryness from returning all day.


CIVASAN Skin Care Moisturizing Facial Spray 60ml 2.03oz

SMOOTHER AND MORE ELASTIC SKIN - This mist spray has a rich essence which can inject new energy into the skin and keep it young. Between skin cells, there are skin-like components that can bind the skin cells and maintain a healthy skin structure.
ESSENTIAL CERAMIDES - Skin’s ceramide balance can be disrupted with age which can contribute to dry skin. It also makes your skin soft and sooth and gives you a bright face and a good look in your daily life.


CIVASAN Skin Care Moisturizes Facial Meso Spray 60ml

HYDRATED - Moisture Meso Spray 100ml is a moisture-boosting, hydrating serum that replenishes and brightens dehydrated skin. This concentrated facial Spray with a refreshing gel texture spreads and absorbs instantly into skin, leaving it feeling smooth and hydrated.
MOISTURIZATION - Thermal Spring Water is the key ingredient of all CIVASAN skin care products. It infuses the skin with hydrating, soothing water. Use as a facial mist to calm skin where there's burning, stinging or after irritating dermatological procedures