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CLIO Kill Cover Founwear Waterkill Cushion

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CLIO Kill Cover Founwear Waterkill Cushion 15g
(+ Refil 15g)

Summer cushion that does not fall under hot sun and high humidity
[Whitening, wrinkle improvement, UV protection triple functional cosmetics SPF50, PA +++]


  • Super-Proof Film Formula is applied as it is, and it is fitted for a long time. It does not make-up, oil trap powder absorbs sweat and sebum to darken and produce clean skin without shine.


  • It combines micro-spherical powder and gel contained in foundation with cushion, and it is completed in summer and oily skin light and thin high covering!
    Covered lightly and thinly like my skin several times.


  • It is smooth and smooth without luster and shine, smooth finish finish, porous spherical powder and petal shaped powder leave the shine and lump due to sebum and make-up is expressed for a long time.

  • Water extract : Skin soothing, thermal stimulation relaxation.
  • Bergamot fruit extract : Cooling effect, pore care.
  • Lemon extract : Moisture blocking, moisture retention.
  • Tea tree leaf oil : Fiji Care, Waste & Pore Management.

Three custom colors for skin tone and brightness!


Is it neat without stickiness?

  • Foundation A : Hair, sticky feel enough to stick dust.
  • Kill Cover Foundation : It is neat without any clinging to hair, dust, etc., and it is strongly recommended as summer cushion.

Is it possible to cover the cover with only a thin cover?

  • Foundation A : Thinly thin but low coverage.
  • Kill Cover Foundation : High coverage while thin and crisp.
  • Foundation B : Thickness is high but thick.
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