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CLIO Nudism Water Grip Cushion

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CLIO Nudism Water Grip Cushion 12g (+ Refil 12g)

Thin and moist one-fold adhesion with the power of moisture

Computed nude

  • It is a natural nude science that looks like it does not seem right, but it covers everything

Extreme water

  • Cushion technology that instantly pressures moisture when honeycomb mesh is pressed. High moisture content essence containing more than 70%!

Moisture fitting

  • Moisture cushion crouches, shines, collapses quickly?
  • Perfectly and coolly fitted, it looks like my skin

Nude science, nothing seems to be right.
Moisture fitting that sticks to the skin like a splashing water.

CLIO's new baseline!

100% real test without operation

1. A nude that covers everything else.

2. Extreme moisture coming out of your eyes.

  • A new concept fiber that catches cushion formulations.
  • Moisture essence is formed in honeycomb mesh when applying.

3. Moisture fitting that sticks to the skin like a smear.

  • Just like when you use a sponge wet with water, close to perfect moisture!


  • 02 LINGERIE : Rose beige with high color
  • 03 LINEN : Yellow-tone natural beige with red cover
  • 04 GINGER : A vibrant medium beige
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