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CNP Mugener Calming Ampule Mist 100ml

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CNP Mugener Calming Ampule Mist 100ml


A facial spray for soothing formulated with hypoallergenic ingredients based on natural plant origin that helps to keep sensitive skin problems at bay while keeping the skin moist and protected.

The snail dross of natural origin effectively calms and soothes sensitive skin irritation.
The uniquely designed spray nozzle allows ultra-thin fog particles to penetrate the skin for instant brightness and hydration.

Dolce Aand Lenitivo
Glycoaminoglycans and snail-derived didecosamide naturally help calm skin irritation

Spray Nebulizzato Ultra-Fine
Ultrafine particles provide more coverage area for more complete and rapid intake.

Moisture Protection Barrier
Natural moisturizing factors keep the skin hydrated and protected from environmental irritation.

Tested on  Sensitive Skin
Hypoallergenic product tested and tested for its suitability for sensitive skin types.

How to use 
A soothing moisturizer infused with madecassoside to improve sensitive skin and reduce redness and inflammation for better complexion. The Anti-Blemish Calming Cream contains Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to control excess sebum while replenishing moisture and treating pigmentation by giving a clearer and healthier skin.
A moisturizer without mineral oil that regulates at any time during the day when you feel tired ness and lack of moisture on your face, keep the spray at a distance of about 20 – 30 cm from your face and press the nozzle with your eyes closed.
Tip: Easy practicality at any stage of skin care (even before and after makeup) to maintain long-lasting hydration and bright texture.

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