Derma Hydration Boosting Cream Anti Wrinkle Derma Centric

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Derma Hydration Boosting N Anti Wrinkle Derma Centric


  • HYALPOL MATRIX - 5 hyaluronic acids with different molecular sizes fill the skin with moisture by transferring moisture, filling moisture, strengthening the moisture barrier, forming a moisture barrier, and strengthening moisture retention.
  • ENOUGH MOISTURIZING - Water-soluble moisturizing ingredients instantly fill the moisturizing membrane of your skin. Just supply moisture evenly to the skin layer.

  • SOOTHING EFFECT - Our products reduce skin burden and irritation, replenish moisture, and moisturize. Present the best product for your skin.
  • FRENCH SPARKLING WATER - By delivering the moisture energy of natural mineral to the skin, it gives a moist feeling of moisture.
  • LIGHT TEXTURE -It is a light and refreshing formulation that instantly feels moist and cool on the skin.