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Enprani Le Premier Lash Serum Masacara 9G

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Enprani Le Premier Lash Serum Masacara 9G

Product Description
: The more you apply, the denser your eyelashes are! Lash Serum Mascara!
▶ Product Features
1. Intensive Care
Peptide ingredients and panthenol ingredients protect the eyelash cuticle, and it makes lashes healthy and elastic.
2. Edge-Up Curling
Two-way brush's edge-up tip, designed with a hair with different material and a angle with good usability,
provides tight curling-up effect to short eyelashes that are hard to reach brush!
Completes lash styling easily and quickly without clumping.

3. Volume Lasting
The volume powder and the coating fixer that create long and volumed lashes adhere to the lashes,
it creates dazzling and rich eyelashes without sagging or smearing for a long time.
4. Easy Washable
Washable mascara that can be cleansed with lukewarm water without using a separate remover

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