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Espoir Pro tailor Foundation Be glow 30ml #7 Salmon

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Espoir Pro tailor Foundation Be glow 30ml #7 Salmon

Experience a glowing, glowing skin that is gently wrapped around your skin. The thinner the textures are, the more natural the skin is covered, and the beautiful gloss that looks good on your skin will last for a long time. The life that breaks down even when it collapses Paddy Pro Tailor Viglow is made up of 10 colors to brighten skin tone.   Moisturizing (anti-aging)


EXPERIENCE HEALTHY, GLOWING SKIN. The thin texture provides natural cover for blemishes and long-lasting beautiful radiance that makes skin look good. Pro Tailor Be Glow, which fades beautifully, consists of 10 colors that brighten skin tone

RADIANT FOUNDATION THAT WRAPS SKIN TO HYDRATE IT. Moist, smooth fit and radiant finish for a natural base facial makeup look that lasts all day long and makes skin look flawless


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