Food A Holic Nature Foam Cleansing 150ML

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Face wash
Food A Holic
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Rice Bran
Green tea
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100% original imported product
Skin type: all skin types, type: face wash,
Product name:  Facial Wash
Commodity type: face cream
Target: Suitable for normal, dry, sensitive skin and thin skin
Fragrance: natural  flavor
Capacity: 150ml
Features: Made from natural  essence, specially added natural plant moisturizing ingredients, mild in nature, it can nourish your skin, but also remove bacterial pollution, while retrieving pores while whitening and efficient moisturizing. Safe without any irritation.
How to Use: Take the substance in moderation and make foams in the palm of your hands. Rub it in your face like massaging softly, and then wash it up with tepid water
Package include: 1pcs cleanser 150m

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