Jd Global Elt Recovery Mask Purple Clay Pack 0.705oz

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Clay Mask
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JD Global ELT Recovery Mask Purple Clay  Pack 0.705oz

  • RICH IN NUTRITION - Helps Detoxification of pores. It is rich in nutrition, which helps in flattening the cellulite and improving the overall texture of your skin.
  • REMOVING TOXINS FROM THE BODY - chicks that received a concentrated bentonite clay product had fewer toxic effects than those who did not receive the clay.
  • TREATING OILY SKIN AND ACNE - The clay and help remove sebum, or oil, from the skin's surface, and it may also have a calming effect on inflamed breakouts.

  • NOURISH THE SKIN - Draw out toxicity from within the body and from the surface of the skin. Provides essential nutrition to your skin
  • BRIGHTENS YOUR SKIN - Using clay mask for a mere ten minutes multiple times a week may significantly help your skin health and leave it looking bright and fresh.

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