Laneige Holiday Two Tone Shadow Bar (Holiday Limited)

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Laneige Holiday Two Tone Shadow Bar
(Holiday Limited) 2g

Express deep, mystical eye makeup like the Milkyway 
Holiday Two Tone Shadow Bar_Limited

Have you ever seen the Milkyway embroidering the night sky? 
Meet the mystical, mesmerizing light, sparkling from the waves of small stars.

Laneige limited collection available only during the holiday season
Make your holiday sparkle with Laneige Milkyway Fantasy!

Experience deep, mystical eye makeup like the Milkyway in the night sky!

1. Milkyway Fantasy Design containing the purity of the Milkyway

Give your sparkling holiday gift with Milkyway limited edition design to that special person!

2. Limited release of holiday collection single cushion!

Enjoy the Milkyway Fantasy Collection with single BB Cushion in limited holiday edition!

Key points

NEW Holiday two tone shadow bar

  1. Fast, easy two tone blending
    The natural two-tone blending of limited holiday edition two-tone shadow bar expresses deeper eye makeup 
    The perfect combination of natural point color and shimmer lighting pearl base to brighten skin around the eyes! Two-tone shadow stick expresses deeper eye makeup with two tone gradation
  2. Holiday makeup look
    Limited season collection consisting of No. 1 Milkyway Burgundy to express deeper eye makeup and No. 2 Smoky Dust Color in brown tone
  3. Quick Touch Gradation
    Laneige’s unique diagonal cut expresses natural auto gradation as if having been done by makeup artists
  4. Softly adhering, creamy texture
    Creamy texture suitable for makeup on tender skin around the eyes as it softly adheres to skin without producing powder

Detail cuts

No. 1 Milky Way Burgundy

  • Expresses attractive eye makeup with burgundy shadow

No. 2 Smoky Dust

  • Expresses deep brown smoky makeup

How to use

How to Make Attractive Two Tone Gradation Eyes

  • STEP 1. Eye Gradation
    Direct point color to eye lashes. Apply as if pushing from outer corner of eyes to inner corner.
  • STEP 2. Eye gradation
    Apply Two Tone Shadow Bar 2-3 times to inner corner and spread with finger to complete natural gradation.
  • STEP 3. Under the eyes
    Apply base color till the 2/3 point from inner corner
  • STEP 4. Natural shade
    Connecting 1/3 point from outer corner of under eyes and to the eye tail will make deep eye makeup