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Laneige Skin Veil Base Cushion SPF22 PA++

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Laneige Skin Veil Base Cushion SPF22 PA++ 15g (Light Purple / Light Green)

1. Skin tone that is uniformly bright without flaws

2. The thinner the more

3. When moisturizing, moisturize after absorption!

4. Smooth skin like uneven primer!

Technical features

  • Oil control function : It is an oil drawing system that absorbs only excessively secreted oil, and when moistened it produces a smooth, smooth skin after absorption.
  • Primer function : The spherical powder melts skin irregularities and completes smooth skin texture

Key Points 1

Skin tones that are uniformly bright without flaws

  • Korean women resolve the tone of skin tone, yellow tile and red flag. For a whiter and clear skin tone that anyone desires, it uses a complementary color system to provide uniformly clear skin.

Key Points 2

The closer you stick, the thinner you stick

  • Uniform skin touch with skin fit and puff beauty treatment. The closer you are to the tape, the more tightly it is possible to achieve a thin, non-tinted tone correction.

Beauty tips

  1. It is patted on the whole face and applied thinly, and the skin tone is organized as a whole.
  2. It can be used as a color corrector by applying only on visible non-uniform areas.
  3. After cleansing the skin tone, please use the bibu cushion. Thicker and more complete make-up is completed.

How to use


  • Take the contents into the puff and apply it as you press along with the texture of the skin. In order to increase the tone correction power, apply one more time.


  • If you push the cushion deeply with your fingers and the contents are no longer buried, replace the contents with a new refill container.
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